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10 WordPress Themes for Blogging

Do you think of launching a blog that will captivate hundreds or even thousands of people on the Internet? Do you think that people will be deeply impressed with your articles and stay tuned for your recent updates? We are completely sure that you can implement your amazing ideas in reality. What is more, if you don’t have any clue how it is possible to start your brand new blog, we are here to help you. In order to make your dream come true, we created this list of 10+ personal blog WordPress themes. By means of them, you won’t need to spend a great amount of time on building your blog – you will get a final result pretty soon.

Why Do You Need to Create Your Personal Blog?
Maybe, some people are still wondering of reasons to create a blog and share their thoughts with others. Here you can take a glance at some of them:

  • a blog makes it possible to become a professional in writing;
  • a blog makes it possible to find those people who have the same opinions on various topics;
  • a blog makes it possible to earn money together with your articles;
  • a blog makes it possible to make changes all around us.

Why Do You Need WordPress to Create Your Personal Blog?
One more question that can bother you after reading a headline of this article. Why is WordPress can be called your perfect assistant in creating a personal blog?

  • WordPress was created as a blogging platform;
  • WordPress has a lot of robust extensions, plugins, and premium WordPress themes on board;
  • WordPress has a large community that develops this platform every single day.

In general, now you’re completely ready to take a look at these marvelous themes. Let us choose something that will suit your ideas here and now…

1. Speaker – Powerful WordPress Theme

Speaker - Powerful WordPress Theme

A marvelous theme that will allow you to convey your message and find as many readers as possible. By means of the powerful WordPress Social Login, people will get the opportunity to use their existing accounts to register on your website. Furthermore, various bonus images will make your website more bold and impressive.

2. Everly – Adorable WordPress Theme

Everly-best blogger wordpress theme

Everly is your excellent assistant in launching a remarkable and popular blog. Each person who has something to do with creativity will be attracted to your photos presented using wonderful galleries. In addition to this, its minimalist design will highlight the most important points of your blog and focus everyone’s attention on your amazing posts.

3. Guillermo – Rich WordPress Theme

guillermo - Rich WordPress Theme

Guillermo is a vibrant template that will definitely change your life (because thanks to it, thousands of people will be captivated with your blog). Together with this excellent theme, you will get a fully-functional drag-and-drop builder will make it possible to build your content in a flash. Don’t forget about Cherry Projects that will allow you to showcase your future plans and their implementation in life.

4. Nutrie – Bright WordPress Theme

nutrie - health coach wordpress theme

Nutrie is an incredible template that will assure people to make their life healthier. Take advantage of multiple layout options to experiment with a structure of your pages and make them look more attractive. Moreover, you can easily view all changes in your design without reloading a page thanks to a marvelous WordPress Live Customizer.

5. LifeHealth – Amazing WordPress Theme

lifehealth - Amazing WordPress Theme

Let people get familiar with your lifestyle and everything connected with it by means of this unusual template. With the help of the stunning Cherry Search, your readers will be able to see their search results immediately without leaving a page. If you want to enhance the functionality of your blog, you can make use of various custom widgets (like post carousel or simple slider).

6. Trudeau – Professional WordPress Theme

Professional WordPress Theme

A powerful template that will allow you to create a remarkable business blog that will gladden your readers with its look and functionality. Sliders, contact forms, images, buttons – all of these elements and many others can be added to your website by means of content modules. In addition to this, your blog will become even more captivating thanks to a stunning parallax scrolling.

7. Fastlek – Stylish WordPress Theme

fastlek - Stylish WordPress Theme

Fastlek is a bold theme that will assist you in creating a modern and recognizable blog. In order to brighten up your website, you can choose between seven eye-catching header styles. Furthermore, such options as a feature-rich WordPress Live Customizer and content modules will allow you to experience a pleasant process of website building.

8. Jordan Turner – Excellent WordPress Theme

Jordan Turner - Excellent WordPress Theme

Present your outstanding articles together with this top-notch template. It comes alongside with diverse pre-made pages that will allow you to showcase any kind of information your soul wants. In order to let you impress the imagination of your readers, this theme also includes a bunch of topical pictures and four blog layouts.

9. Guiding Voice – Vibrant WordPress Theme

Guiding voice - Vibrant WordPress Theme

This wonderful template can be definitely called a key to your future success on the Internet. Make use of the fully-fledged Elementor Builder in order to experience all possible customization opportunities. In addition to this, you will get a package of various robust plugins (like Cherry Services List, Cherry Projects, Smart Slider, and others).

10. Bridge – Incredible WordPress Theme

Bridge - Incredible WordPress Theme for bloggers

Gain your popularity on the web by means of this adorable template. Create eye-catching galleries together with a feature-rich TM Gallery (that makes it possible to showcase your photos in a bunch of layouts). Moreover, a smooth navigation and wonderful live search will certainly capture the attention of your readers.

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