15 Best Voyage WordPress Themes To Upgrade Your Traveling Business

Travel-related business is huge niche with a solid profit. Thus, if you are in this kind of biz, why not to make your audience wider and income more solid? In fact, we are here to show you the best way on how to upgrade your traveling-related biz and to breath a new energy in it.

The first thing you have to understand is that online live of your biz is crucial to your success. Therefore, the best way to represent your entrepreneurship is to create a professional site that will highlight your company, services, and stories (if we talk about blogging). In fact, one of the easiest and faster way is to use ready-made website templates. They will help you to launch a marvelous site with a great functionality and an eye-catchy design by means of a few clicks.

To say more, there are a lot of traveling WordPress themes that come with user-friendly admin panel and an interface, in general, to make the whole process much easier for every entrepreneur. Thus, you get a budget solution with an advanced functionality.

In addition, WordPress is a huge community, so, in case of any additional questions, you can always find the right answer. There are a lot of forums, guides, blogs, etc., where you can find exactly what you need. Furthermore, almost every company these days provide clients with a 24/7 customer support. Therefore, your back is always covered! 🙂

Now, let’s take a closer look at these traveling WordPress themes that will help you to create a stunning website that converts.

1. Travellino


Trevellino is an elegant WordPress theme developed just for travel-related business. Thus, if you handle a travel company and would like to breathe a new life in it, this theme is your cup of tea. Its design is fully responsive and adapts to any screen size, so, customers can check your company and services using their cell-phones even. To say more, the theme is pre-loaded with an Ecwid Ready system, therefore, you can add an online store/shop to your future site with no effort.

2. On the Road


On The Road is a marvelous WordPress theme that was crafted to help you to stand out with a wonderful travel blog. The theme has a clean design, which will help you to emphasize the content. In addition, if you want to sell some of the products, you are very welcome to use the Ecwid Ready system of this theme. Here you can install an online store within 5 minutes, and nobody will charge you extra.

3. Travelop

Travelop is a kind of WordPress themes that impress customers and business owners. Thanks to this theme you can expand the target audience and capture them forever. It comes with a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any programming skills. The installation and customization processes are easy and intuitive for every user.

4. Spontaneo

Looking for an elegant theme with a wide range of modern tools to create a marvelous personal travel blog? Well, we have a great solution for you! Spontaneo is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme that is fully loaded with an advanced functionality. Meanwhile, a stunning design will help you to emphasize the content and capture your audience.

5. Ramsay


The theme itself comes as a unique solution for those who want to stand out with a personal blog and/or personal portfolio. Therefore, it will fit any purposes. In addition, the theme is very flexible, which allows you to manage and customize it with not much effort. Moreover, there are no coding skills required, thus, all and everyone can handle it.

6. Gal Walking

The theme is elegant, has a clean design, and really easy-to-use, which makes it very valuable. It also comes with a wide range of additional pages that allow you to add more entertaining and useful info. Moreover, here you also have a social integration, which will help your followers to spread a word about your capturing blog.

7. Hayes

This theme is a perfect way to spread a word about stunning traveling stories and, also, to highlight your photos. Here you have all the necessary functionality to stand out with a catchy website. Do not hesitate to check the demo to see all the features.

8. TripTastic

If you want to showcase your travel stories in the best possible light, then this WordPress theme is just what you need. It comes with lots of marvelous widgets and a social integration, which will make you popular on the whole web world. By the way, the theme is also licensed under the GPL. So, you can use this theme as many times as you want, for as many projects as you wish, and nobody will charge you extra!

9. Olins


The theme comes with a super clean design and eye-catchy colors, which will help you to capture the audience at a glance. It comes with a really intuitive installation and same easy customization process. No doubts, the theme will help you to upgrade your biz and expand the audience.

10. Camila


Camila is a minimalist WordPress theme that allows you to emphasize your personal portfolio or to create a capturing traveling blog. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which allows you to customize the theme by yourself without any programming knowledge. Check its demo to see all the tools, features, and theme’s potential.

11. Sanohimi


If you wish to showcase your hotels in the best possible light, then this theme is just what you need. There are a lot of Cherry plugins, so, you are very welcome to improve the website’s functionality. Additionally, the theme is Ecwid Ready, thus, you can easily add an online store to the website to increase your income.

12. NiceInn


The theme comes with a fully responsive design, advanced functionality, and user-friendly admin panel. Here you can easily highlight the best rooms, hotels, whatever, in a stylish and elegant gallery. To say more, the theme is licensed under GPL, which allows you to use it for multiple projects without any need to pay more.

13. Bon Voyage


Wish to have an elegant WordPress theme to highlight your travel company? If so, take a closer look at this stylish theme with a wide range of useful tools and features. Moreover, you can emphasize the content up to your taste thanks to a rich choice of Google fonts.

14. xPression


The theme comes as a modern solution for a travel blog. It has a clean design, lots of tools, and options that will help you to create a site of your dreams. Feel free to take advantage of various widgets and plugins to improve website’s functionality. In addition, here you have a Theme Color Switcher, so, you can create a unique look of your site.

15. Bookit


Bookit is a marvelous WordPress theme that will help you to stand out with your biz. Clients can easily book the desired room in this or that hotel right on your site thanks to a Booking Appointment plugin. In a word, using this theme you can highlight every single part of your biz at a glance.

In fact, all these themes are user-friendly and have a wide range of tools that can impress clients and you personally. By the way, how did you like this showcase of traveling WordPress themes? Did you choose the one for yourself? We are always happy to hear your feedback, so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Good luck to you and stay tuned for more!

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